Data centers, like electricity, water, gas, and other infrastructures face a range of serious threats, most notably sophisticated cyber-attacks.


Very few of us are aware that a decisive part of the Israeli economy is entrusted to a small number of data centers, which store and compute the data of thousands of organizations like banks, insurance companies, retail chains, industrial plants, health institutions, defense companies and more. To the naked eye a bank or a retail chain is comprised of workers, offices, and branches, but the real essence is hidden, an economic organization in effect ‘’lives’’ where its data is located. The data is located at a small number of underground data centers, which are located in the center of the country and in effect serve as the engines for the Israeli economy.

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Without any doubt, the national planning, securing and development of Israel's Data Center grid is a key component of today's national security.  Those who deal with this business know.

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