?Rina Shnerb (17), a resident of Lod, was murdered when terrorists detonated an IED device near Dani's Spring, a popular tourist and recreation site situated near the West Bank settlement of Dolev where she was hiking. Her father and elder brother who were with her were both seriously wounded.  

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IsraelN.com Comments:

For the first time since 1964, there has been a 365 day period with ZERO civilian casualties from terrorist attacks.  This is an amazing feat, which is the result, not of a reduced Arab effort at terror, but at near super human efforts among the Israeli security forces to thwart, and prevent terror attacks from occurring. 

There are many heroes in this silent war against terror.  We have to be cautious, but we have much to celebrate.

It used to be that Israel was accused of being a non-safe place.  Now the Diaspora is not safe, and Israel has become safe.

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