Israel said to compile roster of officials who could face arrest over ICC probe

List of 200-300 people reportedly includes top officials who could be under fire if The Hague rules tribunal can be opened into alleged crimes in West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem

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The anti Israel forces are conducting legal warfare against Israel - Lawfare.  In this situation, Israeli officials are threatened with arrest when they travel abroad, due to corrupt international legal proceedings against Israel, which Israel (with US aid) are adamant to stop.

However, in a worst case scenario, Israel will need to provide legal help to any officials caught up in this legal game.

This is also causing subliminal caution among such officials, who are delaying decisions and activities, because they don't want to face potential international legal consequences.  Due to this, the Israeli government needs to say with 100% certainty that they will back up any decisions all Israeli officials make during their time of official capacity.

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