A youth who was standing on the roof of a building adjacent to the Aish Hatorah yeshiva in the Old City was shot twice on Friday afternoon just before the Sabbath began. One bullet grazed his neck and the other lodged in his chest. He was rushed to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital and is in good condition following surgery to removed the bullet.

The bullets apparently came from the direction of the Temple Mount which is located directly opposite the yeshiva and police believe the shooting to be a terrorist act.

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IsraelN.com Comments:

If this truly came from the Temple Mount, or from an Arab house from the City of David area, then it is an escalation, and the security authorities need to do some work.

I hope for a complete Refuah Shlema.

Also, you can clearly see from the attached image how easy it is to shoot from the Temple Mount to the Aish Hatorah rooftop area.

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