Supreme Court chief: Plan for panel to review judges aims to intimidate justices

Esther Hayut writes to judges that proposal rejected by Knesset, but backed by Likud party, sought to undermine public trust in the judiciary

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Judges are the only people in Israel who are above the law.

Also, in many cases, these same judges have abused their legal immunity, and have issued verdicts on cases, based not on the law, but based often on personal monetary gain and ideological commitments.  There are numerous examples of conflict of interests dealing with money, but the ideological conflict of interest is more sublime.

Here is a scenario:  A judge wants a promotion to a higher court, and even the Supreme Court.  Or, the judge wants an appointment as a high paying senior lecturer at an Israeli or foreign university.  If the judge rules on ideological cases, on the "correct" side, then the chances of promotion and high paying positions increase.  If the judge is "Right Wing", then his / her chances of gaining personal wealth and advancement are severely hindered.

Hence, the corrupt court system requires oversight.  It is no wonder that the judges are opposed to this, because as the old saying goes - When the cat is away, the mice will play.  In this case, the mice play hard.

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