Cairo could intervene in neighboring country’s civil war in response to territorial gains by forces backed by rival Turkey
CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s parliament is to vote Monday to authorize the president to deploy troops to neighboring Libya, if Turkey-backed forces there, allied with the UN-supported government in Tripoli, move to retake the strategic coastal city of Sirte.

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This is becoming epic.

Egypt is being threatened by Turkey on the Libyan front, while Ethiopia begins to block the Nile flow, which is truly the lifeblood of Egypt.  Ethiopia will likely be supported by Turkey, and Egypt may end up on a 2 front war.  On the Libyan side to protect its security, and a far away clash against Ethiopia to protect its very existence.

The Nile blockage at the new Ethiopian dam, will also reduce the hydroelectric output of the Aswan dam, also reducing the supply of Egypt's main power source.

And, Egypt also has a serious third front to contend with - the Sinai.  This area has seen a lot of Egyptian casualties in recent years, due to an insurgency of local Bedouins, supported by Iran and Hams.  There also may be ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula as well.  The fighting is so severe that Israel has given Egypt a blind eye to break the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt, and deploy military resources far above the stated limits in the Peace Agreement.

Additionally, with Turkish belligerency in the Mediterranean around the Gas Fields, Cyprus, and its hostile stance towards the Israel-Cyprus-Greece gas line, it is also assumed that  Egypt would play a major role in any maritime conflict in this region as well.  Egypt has the largest and most equipped navy in the region, and it is also understood that Egypt is a silent partner in the 3 way military alliance of Israel-Cyprus-Greece, with Egypt playing a silent but pivotal role.

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