An IDF Special Forces unit operating in Jenin on Sunday night arrested two wanted terrorists and shot and wounded a third after he threw an explosive device at them.

The IDF stated Monday that during a joint operation by the Border Police undercover unit and the Shin Bet security agency, two wanted persons in their 20s were arrested in the Jenin refugee camp for “involvement in terrorist activity.”

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The IDF has adopted a set of policies:

- Don't be afraid to go anywhere to get terrorists.  Even in the middle of hostile and armed refugee camps, such as Jenin.  The arm of the IDF reaches everwhere.

- Go after terrorists, even if they are armed and will fire back.  Even if a mob tries to protect the terrorist.  Go after them, and in every situation.  Don't be afraid.

The result of capturing terrorists, whether after carrying out a terrorist attack, or in a preemptive manner because IDF Intelligence finds out that they are planning an attack -- the result is a dramatic decrease in terrorist attacks, and fatalities resulting from terrorist attacks.

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