The United States District Court of the Northern District of California denied most of the arguments NSO Group made in its request in April.

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The extremely secretive NSO group made news.
First, a US Federal Court ruled that they can be prosecuted for breaking into servers for Whatsapp and Facebook.
Also, an Israeli court ruled that NSO can keep its Ministry of Defense Export License, from a case filed by Amnesty International.
NSO is a "Dark Sheep" of the Israeli Intelligence Community.
Firstly, it is widely known that the NSO personnel primarily are graduates of various Intelligence Community Cyber agencies, including 8200, Mossad, Mamram and other geniuses.
They contract out services to governments across the world, in the not so friendly areas of "Big Brother" type cyber tracking of their dissident citizens (or cyber crime suspects), and gather much needed information for these governments - some of which have no diplomatic ties with Israel.
NSO can do things which no company in the world is able to emulate.
On the flip side, this also indicates to the governments the capabilities of the organizations the NSO employees graduated from, and some of the cyber capabilities of Israel - which we really don't want to divulge.

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