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Israel Breaking News - 2015 Israeli Elections (17 March 2015)

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Our Goals

The goal of this page is to be the most comprehensive resource regarding the upcoming (17 March 2015) Israeli Election.  Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Israeli legislative election, 2015 (Wikipedia)

Latest Polls

While the rule for polls is that they are always wrong, here is a constantly updated link of all the latest election polls:
Opinion polling for the Israeli legislative election, 2015 (Wikipedia)

Below is a list of the Political parties runing in the upcoming election (with a chance of getting into the Knesset)

Each of the following political parties will have their own pages, with relevant information, for instance, snippets from the the Party Platform, the list of people on the list, the Party's Youtube Channel, and more ...   After the list of poitical parties will be updated election news items and videos.

Likud Zionist Camp Jewish Home Yesh Atid Shas UTJ
Meretz United Arab List Kadima Otsmah Yehudit Kulanu Yisrael Beiteinu

Latest Election News

- 'Obama army' deploys to Tel Aviv to topple Netanyahu

- EXCLUSIVE: Has President Obama Launched a Political Campaign Against Prime Minister Netanyahu?

- Netanyahu's Likud moves ahead in Israeli election polling as party seeks ban on Obama-affiliated organizations campaigning in Israel

- Israel Elections – Yishai Runs with Baruch Marzel As Partner

- Obama Meddling In Israeli Elections

- i24 News - Israeli Elections 2015 - 26/01/2015

- Jewish Home Drops by 1 Seat Overall in 'Ohana Week'

- Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link

- Likud MKs: Leftist NGOs Illegally Funding Labor Campaign (1 Feb 2015)

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