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This page is comprised of general thoughts about issues pertaining to Israel and the Jewish people.

Normalization With Arab Countries

Much of Jewish history, as well as the modern Israeli experience, is the search for nomalcy among the nations.  Despite the fact that the Torah itself states that Israel is a "Nation that dwells alone" (Bamidbar 23:9), the Jews have always been on the forefront of innovation and leadership.  Whether in academia, of spearheading new business and social paradigms, etc..., the Jews have always sought to integrate into their host countries' political and economic establishment (beginning with Yosef in Egypt).  And more than that, Israel and Israelis have sought to be part of the international community, and integrate into the world's political, business/economic and academic institutions, and many Israelis themselves are seen as world class innovators in every field and endeavor. 

One of the exceptions to these efforts has been the ongoing hostility of Arab and Muslim countries against Israel and the Jewish people.  Cracks are beginning to show.  Countries which were openly hostile against Israel in the past, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, now conduct tacit geo-political dialogue and coordination with Israel, and the mindset of Arabs, regarding their hostility against Jews and Israel, has begun to erode.

So, we almost come to expect articles published in the Arab press, showing increasing tolerance:

Jews allowed to work in Saudi Arabia

We will continue to follow this topic, and many more.


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