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Israel Erased from HarperCollins Maps

Israel Erased from HarperCollins Maps

The New Year is bringing with it many changes. One of them is nearly impossible to believe: New maps have been printed that left off one major country. And with anti-Semitism surging, led by such hate mongers as The Islamic State, can you speculate which country was erased from the new maps?

If you guessed Israel you are correct.

But this missing country on the map mystery gets even more insane when you hear which map maker is responsible for extending the borders of Jordan, pushing Israel into the sea. Here’s a hint. Its mother company is News Corp whose largest stockholder is Rupert Murdock, who also is the largest stockholder of 20th Century Fox and Fox News Channel. The answer is: HarperCollins publishing.

HarperCollins dealt Israel and Jews worldwide the ultimate insult, literally erasing them from their maps. They show Jordan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey, but no Israel.

So why on earth would one of the largest publishers in the world do such a thing?

For starters, look no further than the second largest stockholder in News Corp, the mother company of Fox News Channel. He is none other than the infamous Muslim Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Oh, when he first invested in Murdock’s conglomerate, there was speculation that he might assert his influence over the day to day operations.

But now either he or someone in high places managed to make maps without Israel! So what’s next, bibles without Christ? Don’t laugh. It’s quite possible since one of the divisions of the Rupert Murdock/Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal empire is none other than Thomas Nelson, the world’s biggest Christian book and bible publisher! So far the restraining influence appears to be Mr. Murdock but he was born in 1931. Do the math. What were to happen if Prince Bin Talal were to assume primary control of Fox News, Thomas Nelson and HarperCollins? Oh, and by the way, this duo also owns the conservative Wall Street Journal. I shudder to think what Bin Talal’s editorial perspective might look if he had total control.

The maps with Israel have already been shipped en masse to Muslim countries with school children learning geography from maps totally purged of Israel.

What’s next? Maps in U.S. classrooms with no Israel?

It may be closer than we think since this isn’t the first time Israel has been erased by a major publishing house. In 2013 Scholastic Inc., the world’s biggest children’s book publishers, were caught selling children’s books with Israel omitted from an illustrated map. They were forced to apologize after many complaints from parents. The company issued a statement saying they “inadvertently omitted Israel” from the map. Come on, how can a multi-national company accidentally print a map without Israel on it?

But it’s happening again except this time a bit less apologetically as HarperCollins map division, Collins Bartholomew, told Catholic newspaper, The Tablet, that including Israel would have been “unacceptable” to its customers in the Gulf region and the change incorporated “local preferences.”

Well, we in the West have preferences, too and one of them is to put Israel back on the map because the longer it is not on a map, the more easily evil people can work to see that Israel is not only is off the map, but that its largely Jewish inhabitants are literally driven off into the sea into total nonexistence.

As the wise old adage goes, evil triumphs when good people do nothing, so please forward a copy of this email to everyone you know who believe Israel has a right to exist and a right to be on world maps. Thank you.

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