“I am an Arab, I can’t be a Zionist” and more VOJ News and Commentary

“I am an Arab, I can’t be a Zionist”

Zoheir Bahlul, a candidate running for Knesset under the Labor Party’s “Zionist Camp” party had a sincere confession to make in front of teens who heard him speak at local Israeli highschool: I can’t be a Zionist, I am an Arab.” Yisrael Hayom, 02/02/15.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

That simple candid remark says it all. How can Arabs be expected to be Zionists and to celebrate the Arab defeat and the establishment of the Jewish state? This is why there will not be coexistence in Israel between Arabs and Jews. The Arabs will always see the Jews as occupiers and thieves. That Labor has the audacity to call their new party “The Zionist Camp” is a complete joke. It is an oxymoron. You can’t run candidates like Bahlul and maintain anti-Zionist views and call yourself a Zionist camp. If it was not so sad it would be comical.

43 Percent of secular Israelis wish to increase their Torah knowledge

According to a poll published by Mutagim and commissioned by the Institute to study Rambam, 43 percent of secular and traditional Israelis seek to increase their knowledge of Torah and Judaism.

Voice of Judea Commentary:
If you tally the combined number of seats projected to be won by religious parties in the upcoming elections based on the average total in the polls (Aguda, Yishai, Bennet, Shas, etc..) you would reach 30 seats, clearly the largest bloc of votes in the entire Israeli political spectrum.

Clearly the Israeli public is thirsty for Torah and is gravitating towards religion. Those 30 seats do not include Knesset members in the major parties who are religious. Such a bloc could easily reach 40 Knesset members…

The religious fighters in the IDF have already achieved recognition far greater than their proportion in the Israeli population. This was clear to all Monday night, At the Palmachim Air Force base when 67 citations were awarded to IDF heroes of this summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

When will the laws, courts and government truly reflect the wishes and the aspirations of the majority of Jews in Israel who seek a state with a greater Jewish character than the modern state of Israel – that continues to trample on Jewish law and to discriminate against Torah in so many different ways.



Most recent polls show Eli Yishai receiving 4 seats after he merged with Otzma LYisrael, placing Baruch Marzel number 4 on the list. A new law aimed at squashing small parties means that all parties will need to receive at least 4 seats to get elected and to pass the new minimal threshold.

After a bizarre negotiation stalemate between Ozma LYisrael and Yishai’s “Yachad” party, Dr. Michael Ben Ari, head of the Otzma party was asked to step down as Yishai’s party agreed to only allow Marzel into the merger. No other members of Otzma were included on Yishai’s list.

Media reports claimed that Marzel was also forced to agree not to ascend the Temple Mount and to support political machinations which could allow Yishai to join a government coalition down the road in exchange for the support of Torah institutions and even at the cost of sacrificing principles dear to Otzma’s ideological platform.

Sitbon number 2 on Yishai’s Knesset list who defected from Bennet’s Bayit Yehudi party and who is a disciple of the anti-Kahane controversial Rabbi Tzvi Tau threatened to resign if Otzma merges with Marzel. Sitbon ultimately backed down causing Rabbi Tau to make a disclaimer clarifying that he had nothing to do with the inclusion of Marzel on the list. Ironic that a Rabbi who constantly speaks about unity and Ahavat Hinam “free love’ of all Jews however treasonous some Jews might be, can’t find even a small place in his loving heart to accept Marzel or anyone even remotely associated with the late Rabbi Kahane, who has been kind of dead for 25 years now.



The stereotypical anti-Semitic cartoon of a Jew featured in the posters in London that is being circulated by various fascist groups calling for a march in the heart of the Jewish center of Stamford Hill, is yet another reminder that there is a storm over the horizon that threatens to bring yet another violent end to Diaspora Jewry.


Sweden even worse: Yarmulke-Clad Swedish Gentile Reporter Attacked in Malmo-

Eighteen months after an intrepid gentile journalist strolled the streets of Malmo, Sweden wearing a yarmulke, in order to get a sense of how residents of the city view Jews, a new video suggests that the situation has only worsened, Israel’s NRG News reported Thursday. In October, 2013, Patrick Reily, a journalist for The Local English-language newspaper, spent a day in the city of Malmö wearing the traditional kippah headcovering in order to see how passersby might react. After an uncomfortable few hours walking the streets, and becoming the object of stares and insults, Reilly concluded: “As an Irish person abroad I’ve never felt remotely threatened, but wearing the kippah for a few hours was enough to instill feelings of fear. Even when I didn’t feel afraid I was made to feel different and unwelcome.” This time it was Peter Lindgren’s turn to don a kippah and Star of David chain around his neck and head into town. The result: “He received direct threats as he walked through the city,” according to expressen.se. Lindgren, walking with a hidden camera and microphone alongside, recorded every step.

The report showed the reporter enduring verbal abuse by a man who called him a “Jewish s*” and told him to “leave.” Another person hit him and shouted “Satan Jew,” at him. As they approached the the city’s neighborhoods with higher Muslim populations, the threats only increased. Some 20 percent of the 300,000 residents of Sweden’s third-largest city are Muslim, according to statistics.

Source: Algemeiner

Likudniks show more facts indicating that foreigners who are more loyal to the PLO than to Jewish interests continue to send millions to overthrow Bibi

The recent controversy referred to by the Israeli media as “V15” seems to be helping Bibi more than hurting him, despite the concerted effort by the Israeli media to bash Bibi amid allegations that a well oiled anti-Bibi campaign is being effectively spearheaded with the aid of millions of dollars funneled into Israel by various charities aligned with foreign governments, and some of Israel’s biggest enemies.

Despite denials by Herzog and Livni, the enormous amount of news leaked that show ties between so many candidates and high ranking members in their party (Machane Tziyoni – Zionist Camp) to the various charities and have been pouring millions of dollars into relentless campaigns to discredit and slander Bibi.

Israelis may not be willing to break with America just yet, however they resent the gross interference by foreign governments in internal Israeli politics.


PLO Ambassador on Hezbollah bombing:

Palestinians hoped
“the resistance fighters would capture Israeli soldiers”
to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners,
“forcing Israel to free them all”

Earlier this month, a sports festival organized by Fatah and the PLO included a tournament named after two terrorists who planned and carried out some of the most lethal terror attacks in Israel’s history:

The Martyr Raed Al-Karmi and Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Tournament

Raed Al-Karmi was responsible for the murder of 9 Israelis from 2001-2002 and Dalal Mughrabi led the killing of 37 in 1978.

“[PLO representative Mazen Abu Zaid] added that the blood of Martyr Raed Al-Karmi… and the blood of Martyr Dalal Mughrabi… had been absorbed into the soil of the homeland, and embraced the blood of the Gazan Martyrs, in order to draw the map of the homeland for us and to serve as a message: Palestine is one, indivisible unit.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 18, 2015]



British actor Sir Ben Kingsley, who starred in the movie Schindler’s List and other Holocaust-related films, said he believes the climate for Jews in Europe is deteriorating and that another Holocaust could happen again, Israel’s NRG News reported Tuesday.

Speaking at the fourth annual Let My People Live forum in Prague, on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Kingsley discussed the subject of the Holocaust and antisemitism at a memorial in honor of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.
“I am here as a messenger, as an artist, as an actor,” he told reporters, and expressed his “gratitude and awareness of the profound responsibility I do have as an actor and a storyteller in bringing the Shoah, the Holocaust to the minds of young people who knew nothing about it.”

Kingsley, who called on the public to be “vigorously persistent in telling the story of grief-stricken Europe,” according to Israel National News, went on to say that, “Europe did not grieve in 1945. It moved on. It found another enemy, it found other issues.

“The first step in healing is for us to collectively grieve – we have missed that crucial step,” Kingsley contended.
Pointing to a painfully ironic experience he had on the set of a Holocaust-related film staged in Budapest, he recalled an elderly passerby who told him, “It never happened, and if you don’t shut up it will happen again!”
“How about that? Isn’t that totally screwy?” Kingsley asked.
When asked if the Holocaust could happen again, he immediately replied, “of course,” noting that Adolf Hitler was once quoted as dismissively saying, “‘who remembers the Armenians?’ after the Turkish massacres – that’s what he said,” Kingsley emphasized. (Algemeiner).

Great piece sent by Steve Shamrak:
I am not Charlie!
by Bat Zion Susskind-Sacks

Like many other viewers, I am presently watching the “Say no to Terror” demonstration, this dog and pony show. Unfortunately, it will NOT solve the problem. Had the world REALLY wanted to avoid the present reality, they should have listened to Israeli leaders earlier. They should have organized such demonstrations when the early terror attacks by similar ideological principles took place. What is this attack different than any of the previous ones? They were ALL aimed at depriving freedoms, mainly Freedom to live! Is Charlie’s Freedom more important than theirs?

NO, I am NOT Charlie! I am the four Jews who died in the hostage situation in Paris on Friday; I am the four praying Rabbis who were slaughtered in their Synagogue in Nof Yofeh in Yerushalayim last November; I am the little baby who was killed at the stop of the Light rail, when a terrorist drove his car directly and purposely into the crowd waiting for the tram to arrive; I am the 3 Yeshiva students who were kidnapped and slaughtered in cold blood by Hamas Islamist Jihadists in JUDEA last Summer… and I am the millions of other Jews who died, just like them, through history, for no reason other than the crime of being Jewish… I am proudly standing with the Jewish people against these horror attacks. I am proudly holding hands with the Children of Israel with all my heart& With all my life. Am Yisrael Chai!!!

France, Pollard, Obama, and more

Voice of Judea- Shabbat Parshat Vaera 5775

1-      Hard for Obama to identify with the victims of Islamic terror
2-      So many Arab attacks in Israel, hard to keep track – (one week)
3-      Israeli defeatists preparing us for defeat in the north
4-      Time to get out of France and America

1-      Obama’s America is stuttering in its war against radical Islam

If Barak Hussein Obama is trying to hide his genetic, familial, ideological, and religious sympathy to Islam, he is not doing too good of a job. It seems he’s having a hard time controlling his Yishmaelite desires and his ‘wild man’ impulses that pulse through his veins.

America stood alone against the entire free-world, and even part of the Arab world, when it failed to attend the rally against radical Islam in Paris this week. But let’s be honest, how could Obama have stood hand in hand with those who condemn, march, and rally against the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to silence the infidels who dared to draw mocking cartoons against the false prophet Muhammad. Obama already stated at the United Nations that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

See the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILh-hXiRwuE

If that’s not bad enough, he added on that “to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of JC that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.” In other words, ‘the future belongs to Islam and those who fight against the infidels who insult Muhammad. But if the Muslims are to be taken seriously they should also pay lip-service and condemn those who attack Christians and Jews.’ And that my friends, is exactly what Obama has done. At first he completely ignored the terror in France because after all this is a justified war against those who insulted his prophet. Only after he realized that it hurt his credibility and would prevent him from advancing his Muslim brothers’ cause did he apologize for his “mistake” and send Kerry to France in solidarity with the French people. But of course the Americans were quick to point out that Kerry would also meet another of Obama’s brothers- the Iranian foreign minister. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

Obama is selling out Israel on the altar of his relations with Iran and radical Islam who don’t even bother concealing their desire to wipe out Israel.

The American foreign policy is sympathetic to Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and Abu Mazen and in contrast condemns General Abad Al-Fatah A-sisi, the elected president of Egypt who fights against radical Islam, i.e. Obama’s true brothers in Egypt.

2-      Stones thrown at Ben Zion Junction lead to injuries.
Weekly Summary: Shootings and a car set alight
A shooting in Binyamin, a car burned in Jerusalem and four Jews injured. Over 50 attacks on Jews in the past week. A summary of the “silent intifada.”

Thursday 24 Tevet
23:17- Arabs throw a molotov cocktail at a bus in Binyamin near the British Police Junction (Tazpit)
18:49- Arabs throw stones at a bus and cause damage to it near Silwad in Binyamin (Tazpit)
18:21- Arabs throw stones at Egged bus 462 between Turmus Aya and Shilo (Tazpit)
18:15- Arabs throw stones from Bitin towards cars leaving Givat Assaf in Binyamin (Tazpit)
15:23 Arabs throw stones at a Jewish car on route 55 near the Tahsin gas station in Shomron (Tazpit)
14:18- Arabs roll burning tires down to Alon road near Al-Muyar (Tazpit)
14:13- Arabs throw stones at a Jewish car at Anata Junction in Binyamin (Tazpit)
11:32- Arabs send tires on to the road near Nabi Salah in Binyamin (Tazpit)
Wednesday 23 Tevet
18:16- Arabs shoot at IDF forces who arrive to deal with burning tires. An IDF jeep is damaged (Tazpit)
18:04- Arabs send burning tires in Binyamin near Neve Yair- IDF forces arrive to the area (Tazpit)
16:47- Arabs throw a Molotov cocktail at a bus near the British Police Junction in Binyamin (Tazpit)
16:37- A soldier is injured from stones thrown near Al-Muyar in Binyamin (Tazpit)
14:35- Arabs throw stones at a Jewish vehicle and cause damage near Anata in Binyamin (Tazpit)
14:16- Arabs throw stones at a school bus near Anata in Binyamin- the front windshield is damaged (Tazpit)
14:10- Dozens of Arabs riot and throw stones at IDF forces near Dir-Nizem in Binyamin (Tazpit)
Tuesday 22 Tevet
22:34- Arabs throw 2 molotov cocktails at a Jewish home in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem- light damage is caused to the home (Tazpit)
20:23- Arabs throw stones at a Jewish resident of Peduel near Brukhin in the Shomron (Tazpit)
14:04- Arabs throw stones at a Jewih vehicle near Kfar Rassem in Gush Talmonim (Tazpit)
13:47- Arabs throw stones at a bus on the road to Psagot in Binyamin (Tazpit)
12:04- Arabs set tires alight on the road from Hizme to Adam near the turn to Hizme in Binyamin (Tazpit)
Monday 21 Tevet
20:36- Arabs throw stones at the fence between Taybe-A in the Shomron and Um-Al-faham in Wadi Ara
19:03- Arabs throw stones at a car near the Tahsin gas station in the Shomron (Tazpit)
18:09- Arabs throw stones from a passing vehicle on the road from Eshkolot to Tene-Omarim in the Hebron hills (Tazpit)
18:03- Arabs throw stones at an Afikim bus on route 55 near Azun in Shomron (Tazpit)
17:11- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Silwad in Binyamin- one bus is damaged (Tazpit)
16:53- Arabs throw stones at the fence near Psagot in Binyamin (Tazpit)
15:55- An Arab with a knife is caught near the Jewish quarter in Hebron (Tazpit)
15:13- Arabs throw stones at a vehicle near Nerya in Gush Talmonim (Tazpit)
14:40- Arabs throw stones a bus on route 60 near Givat Assaf in Binyamin, damage is caused (Tazpit)
14:15- Arabs throw stones at vehicles on the road to Maale Levona in Binyamin, damage is caused (Tazpit)
13:43- Arabs throw stones at IDF forces near Kiryat Araba, damage is caused (Tazpit)
10:50- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near the “Mazleg HaElyon” road in Hevron, damage is caused to multiple cars. In response Jews block the road to Arab traffic (Tazpit)
Shabbat 19 Tevet
22:21- Arabs throw a Molotov cocktail at a private vehicle parked near Beit Ovadiah in Silwan in Jerusalem. The vehicle caught fire and burned (Tazpit)
19:17- Arabs create a roadblock of snow and ice at the entrance to Kiryat Araba (Tazpit)
19:07- Arabs throw stones at a vehicle between Tapuach and Migdalim in Shomron (Tazpit)
During Shabbat Arabs riot near Beit Haggai in the Hevron hills and throw stones at the entrance to the town
Arabs riot and throw stones at IDF forces near Yitzhar in the Shomron

Where are all those who so loudly condemned Jews for burning an empty building when Arabs are attacking living Jews?


3-      Israeli defeatists preparing us for the next defeat – and capture of northern Israeli towns by Hizbulla

The defense establishment knows about the threats from the head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah

The good news is that the IDF knows exactly what the next war will look like. The bad news: Nasrallah’s threats are not far from the reality that the defense establishment is preparing for. The defense establishment is preparing for fighting in the north that will not compare to anything seen until now. Threats of rockets will lead to the evacuation of Jewish towns and the Iron dome will not be able to protect us as it was in the South. The threats from the air will be serious, but the threat from the ground will be even more serious and Hezbollah is specifically preparing for ground warfare.  Officials in the defense establishment say that Hezbollah fighters are gaining experience from fighting in Syria and they are now far better prepared for the next battle.

Officials are also aware that the economic damage from warfare in the north will be significant. Estimates are that the economic damage every day will be triple the damage from that of Operation Protective Edge.

Earlier in the month we published the comments of a high ranking commander in the north who said “Hezbollah is not only amassing massive arms but also openly conducting exercises on the Israeli border near Jewish towns.” The commander highlighted that Hezbollah is violating Agreement 1701 every day and amassing its arms right under the nose of UNIFIL.

In regards to Nasrallah and Hezbollahs preparations the commander said, “we know how to analyze Hezbollah’s preparations in villages and their infrastructure. We see strong Iranian fingerprints and know that the Lebanese army is conducting exercises together with Hezbollah.”

He added, “We see patrols with Hezbollah soldiers and we know how to identify them by their religious looks and their uniforms. Further we have intelligence information that confirms what we observe.

In the past year, the commander stated that there is increased monitoring of the region. “We are monitoring everything that is happening here 24 hours each day.”

VOJ Commentary:
Netanyahu, what are you waiting for? The time has come to declare war, destroy these pests and not let them surprise us again. Time for a preemptive strike now! No mercy- simply destroy them and place Israeli towns out of range of their rockets and tunnels. It’s time to establish a deep security buffer and expel every Arab who poses a danger to Israeli citizens in Israel as well as in the buffer.


4-      And I will deliver you- Come home to Israel
Translated from Avi Roth’s article in Shabbaton (VaEyra)

It was both sad and fascinating to hear from two leading congregational Rabbis in Paris about the terror there this week. Both were asked about the Jews situation in France today and what they are telling their congregations.

The first Rabbi stated that on the Shabbat following the terror attack he went to the bimah and told his congregation, “My dear friends, the time has come to make an accounting and ask ourselves honestly- do we have a future here? Do our children have what to do here? Do we in France have plans for our grandchildren in terms of protecting their Jewish Identity, education, safety and more? That is the real question- and unfortunately,” the Rabbi continued, “we all know the answer. Perhaps it’s painful since we were born and raised here. Our livelihood is here and we have a lot in common with the French culture and experiences. The situation has changed- and deep inside we know and feel- we have no future here and nothing to offer our children and grandchildren. I personally,” said the Rabbi, “will not leave my congregation here as sheep without a shepherd, but I will certainly encourage them both communally and individually to make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. That’s it. The Jewish story in France is over and it’s on its last leg.”

The second Rabbi was asked the same question and said, “I went to the bimah and told my congregation that we will overcome. I call upon the Prime Minister, the rest of our elected officials, and the Jewish Agency not to take advantage of these events to call upon us to move to Israel. I ask them not to force us to choose our identity, loyalty and nationality. We are Frenchmen and we must show loyalty to our national identity and thank our country for allowing us to preserve our religious practices and identity. Therefore,” continued the Rabbi, “I ask all the officials not to come here and again talk about Aliyah. It will only complicate our situation and lead the government to be suspicious of our loyalty to France. We will overcome, we will become stronger here, and as much as they oppress us we will grow and multiply.” He finished his words along the same lines.

It was sad and fascinating to hear these two Rabbis. I listened to them both and for a moment I imagined them in Egypt 4000 years ago. One need only replace “France”, with “Egypt.”

I listened to them and wondered what they would tell their congregations in their Drasha on this week’s Parsha when they read in the Parsha: Therefore, say to the children of Israel, ‘I am the Lord, and I will take you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will save you from their labor, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. And I will take you to Me as a people, and I will be a God to you, and you will know that I am the Lord your God, Who has brought you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. I will bring you to the land, concerning which I raised My hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, and I will give it to you as a heritage; I am the Lord.’”

We have reached the historic moment where we must understand the deep message that the final goal of “I will take you out” is “I will bring you.”

The warning light being flashed in Europe, following the wave of anti-Semitism must serve as a warning not only to the Jews of Europe. This is also the final call of  “I will bring you to the land” to our brothers in the US.

What happened in France is only the beginning, a promo, of what could happen in the future in the US. Look at the tens of thousands who went to the streets and vandalized everything in sight after a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager. Imagine what will happen to Jews if the stock market crashes? Everyone believes that the Jews control the market.

My fellow Jews, wherever they are, understand that this is the plot of Jewish history- “I will take you out… I will save you… I will redeem you… I will take you… I will bring you to the land…”, please don’t stop in the middle.

Voice of Judea Commentary:
The second Rabbi conveys his fears of being accused of dual loyalty of he expresses his loyalty to Torah, and Israel. It is this same obsessive fear of the gentiles and fear of being accused of dual loyalty that gripped the American Jewish Establishment when they stood by their borther’s blood during the Holocaust and when they allowed Pollard to languish for decades before beginning to speak out mildly on that gross miscarriage of justice.