The root of all conflict is falsehood

MISTAKEN NOTIONS PERPETUATE CONFLICT There are always leaders or would-be leaders who believe they can capitalize from armed conflict. And there are always people who know how to benefit by siding with such leaders, thus gaining personal influence and other perks. Such leaders and their followers invariably use propaganda to bolster their influence. They also… Read More »


By RALPH DOBRIN More than any other country in the world, Israel faces constant criticism and condemnation in every public forum, from local and national newspapers, governments and churches to the austere chambers of the United Nations. There are reasons for this that if stated very briefly, include the interests of states to be ensured… Read More »


WHY ARGUE? And if we do then how not to lose By RALPH DOBRIN Arguing, all too often, accomplishes nothing apart from anger, frustration, bitterness and unbridgeable disagreement. Many relationships have been permanently ruined because of arguments. Businesses have crashed when partners disagreed stubbornly and national calamities have resulted from entrenched polemic in high places. But… Read More »